Web server change completed

We have switched over successfully to a new web server. The new server should be able to deliver this site more quickly.

Meanwhile, we are hoping to be able to release another version of QANUS soon which does not require any external libraries or web services. The current release makes use of a named-entity recognition web service hosted on the servers of my research group. However load issues have affected the reliability of the web service. The planned release will hopefully make it easier for everyone to run QANUS straight “out-of-the-box”.

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QANUS – Shifting to New Web Host

The official page for QANUS is currently being moved over to a new server.

During this transition phase, there may be some duplicated or un-synchronised content between the old and new web hosts. We apologise for this.

Once the transition is complete, these issues would hopefully be resolved. Thank you for your understanding!

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