Temporary Mirror Set Up

There is currently an outage with the web server hosting the QANUS distributable.

In the interim, I have set up a temporary mirror in case you like to download QANUS. If you face any problems downloading the distributable from this new mirror, do drop me a mail!

The new download links are already updated in the Download page. Thanks!


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Minor Update to Distributable

There is an update to the QANUS distributable (v29Nov2012). The previous version (v23Apr2011) made use of a web service for named entity recognition (NER). However the NER service wasn’t always reliable, and this prevented many people who had downloaded QANUS from using it out-of-the-box.

To remedy the problem, the new distributable is shipped and configured with a local NER engine (Stanford NER). Users who download the package should now be able to follow the instructions on the README file and run QANUS out-of-the-box.

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